Troy, our Worship Pastor, is back from India. As we sat together in staff today, he told us about his trip and being around the untouchables and in a dark place where animal sacrifice and worship took place. 

He talked about the receptiveness of the people there and the need for love they have.

He told of a story of one night they were at a youth ralley. It was hot muggy, not much wind. He was leading worship and they were just vamping as a band and he just began to pray propheticlly and he prayed “God we envoke your presence into this place.” As soon as he finished praying a burst of wind came from the back of the place and blew toward the stage. He said that he turned to look at Schaun, our Missions Pastor and the local pastor and they had this look of awe on their faces.

It is amazing when you get people together who are desperate for God, how he reveals himself. 

Sometimes living in America, we lose the “wonder” of God amidst the busy-ness of life. Also, when you come expecting something, especially to church, it produces an atmosphere that God can work.

I like what one preacher who is well known says: “The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for a miracle.”

May we start to expect big God things!

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