We wrapped up Jonah today. We used the lifechurch.tv message series. It will be nice to get a lead teaching pastor in here so we can begin doing original messages.

This series did have several creative pieces (see our brainstorm board below)

1) on Week 1: We did the Veggie Tales song “Jonah Was a Prophet” as a musical number to open up the message. ┬áJulie, the gal who sang it, and the band (who rocked the swing beat) tore it up. Randy Coleman did a great job of interacting with the musical and playing off the humor of it.

2) Week 2: Ashley sung the Newsboys tune, “In the Belly of a Whale.”

3) We made our entryways look like seaweed was hanging from it. Below is a picture of us putting it up.

4) With VBS being on before Week 3’s message, we had the kids come up and sing some of their VBS songs on stage. The VBS was conveniently called “outrigger island.” That worked well with the ocean vibe.

5) After Week 3’s message, we had a family movie night and showed the Veggie Tales movie “Jonah.” We had at least 200 show up for that. Our children’s workers did a great job providing free popcorn and drinks.

6) Today we did an acoustic set and focused on surrender. The message was on forgiveness and Jason Morris (OP Campus Pastor) did a great job of delivering it. Debbie McNeil led the morning set and I led at the Well.

7) Our pre-service music was made up of songs like “under the sea.” Pretty fun and light hearted stuff.

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