“In everything Give Thanks.”  Those are tough words. That means in the good, but more importantly, in the bad.

Things that I’m grateful for:

  • A gracious God
  • A loving wife (who is my best friend)
  • Family that we can share the holidays with
  • A home that is a gift from God.
  • The fact that we have two cars and we own one outright. 
  • 2 Good jobs.
  • The testimony that we have never been in need. In the years that we’ve been married we have not missed any bills or gone hungry.  We have remained faithful in our tithe and God has blessed us beyond measure.
  • Oh, and 2 dogs, who are outside in the cold and barking because they want in, but since we are at my parents, they have to stay outside and keep the deer away. (or so they think)
Giving thanks is a healthy habit that brings a positive outlook on every situation. When you have a positive outlook, you can influence your tomorrow.  Giving thanks puts life and its situations into perspective. It allows you to understand that you are part of a larger story and that every success and failure is a gift from God.
Yes, failure is a gift. It is through failure that we learn to succeed, and it is through failure that we grow and become the men and women that we are destined to become. 
I saw Disney film, “Meet the Robinsons” tonight and there was a seen that is a great illustration on how we should approach failure. In the scene, the aspiring boy inventor failed at a project and those close to him began to celebrate. The were celebrating his failure. 
They painted the picture that failing is actually good. 
We need to have a healthy view of failure, and giving thanks helps bring us that perspective. Our failures are our gateway to greater things, and when we become grateful of them we can utilize these circumstances to become better today.
Does this mean we give ourselves excuse to sin? No. But this does give us the excuse to try something that we couldn’t do without God’s help.  Sometimes we stifle our creativity because of our fear of failure.  But when we succumb to our fears, we seal our fate.
Matthew 19:26, “With God, everything is possible.” 

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