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My good friend and worship leader colleague, Steven Welch, released his new album today, “Color of Love.”

These songs will “invade your heart” and leave you inspired and challenged.

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I took Jared, our Technical Director, with me to Explorers Percussion in the Waldo district to buy a hi-hat. Jared knows what sound would be mic’ed best for our mix and I know what feel we want as drummers.

After 20 minutes of playing different hi-hats we narrowed down to two different hats.

Meinl Soundcaster Custom or Sabian AAX-Celerator.

Both were pretty close in the sound we were wanting for kit integrity and for mixing.

Both 14″ hats were priced at around $320.00 so where I normally would go with the cheaper of the two when dealing with this close of a decision, we actually had to get picky about what we wanted.

The Meinl Soundcaster had a slightly warmer tone and we decided that the Sabian AAX-Celerator, with the slightly brighter tone will cut through the mix better.

We currently have 2 AAX Explosion Crashes and a Z Custom Crash/Ride. The Sabian AAX-Celerator hats blend well with the other cymbals and gives a crisp but strong attack for the mix.


The stupid wrapper takes forever to get off.

Here’s how we started off the new series “Stop Monkeying Around” at the Olathe Campus.

Hey Hey We’re the Monkeys from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

Here are some pics from Thursday Night’s Hillsong United Concert at Starlight Theater.

View all the pics here.

There is a Pirate Theme Going on

Pirate Theme? Doesn't he remind you of the Black Pirate in the Princess Bride?

Rain or Shine

Went to the Hillsong United concert tonight with our worship arts peeps. After a trip to Walmart and two $.88 ponchos, Cassie and I were prepared for rain – after all, it did rain all day. But right before the concert, there was a break in the clouds and the rest of the night we had great weather.

Worship vs Concert

I always have struggled with the term “Worship Concert.” Worship, in a church context is worth directed toward God. Concert says entertainment.

If you were to look up the word “entertain” you would see it’s definition as “to hold the attention of.”

Tonight I sang loud.

I stood. I sat. I took pictures. I cried. I shouted. Not to those on stage. But to my God.


Tonight, I redefined “Worship Concert” as I joined the rest of the Church to keep God’s attention.


Remembrance (Communion Song) – Key of Eb
(Matt Redman: We Shall Not Be Shaken)
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On Sunday, Pastor Dan Southerland took 10 minutes to talk about why we do what we do. He mentioned four programming elements that we are intentional about during each weekend. He also talked on why we will add a secular song every once-in-a-while into a mix.

Four Weekend Programming Elements

Westside’s 4 Weekend Elements from Kasey Robinson on Vimeo.

  1. Teaching
  2. Worship
  3. Information
  4. Connection

We wanted to do Carry On My Wayward Son. We didn’t feel we had the talent to pull off the whole song. So we did a mashup with Hillsong’s Salvation is Here.

Didn’t turn out too bad.