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When starting a church you obviously don’t have a congregation – that’s why you’re starting a church – so you have to figure out ways to invite people to check you out on a Sunday.

You see situations as opportunities to tell people about your church because you think it’s the best thing to hit your area since sliced bread.

So you see parking lots as marketing opportunities. Grocery stores are where you meet new friends. The goal isn’t really to invite people to your church to fill a seat, your goal is to build a relationship for people to discover the greatest news in the Universe: Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.

My good friend and worship leader colleague, Steven Welch, released his new album today, “Color of Love.”

These songs will “invade your heart” and leave you inspired and challenged.

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Do Everything with excellence because it is for someone Excellent.

Colossians 3:17 (NLT)
And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. 

This year we are Starting the book of John and doing a exegetical approach with a series treatment. We Are calling it our Red Letter Revolution.

To accommodate this in a set we are thinking of Urban Outfitters, downtown loft, and industrial.

So we have constructed six 8’x9′ brick walls and using joint compound, I made a plaster facade.

We’ll use some skids and other treatments as the year progresses.


Here is a behind the scene’s view of our weekend video announcements called The Pulse.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music this week to get ideas for our 7-9 Christmas Eve services this year.  Four new albums came out today. I’ve listened most all the way through them all and they all have potential for your Christmas Celebration services this year.

Oh For Joy EP by David Crowder Band

  • Angels We Have Heard on High will please all the bluegrass fans!
  • O Holy Night ends with “Hallelujah.” Pretty great marriage of songs.
  • Silent Night goes into a hoedown!

The Heart of Christmas by Matthew West

  • Songs are more presentational.
  • Silent Night rings my piano bell.
  • Give This Christmas Away has a great message in CCM fashion

Christmas in DirverseCity by TobyMac

  • Little Drummer Boy is very doable if you have someone to make a Reason track
  • Birth of Love has potentential
  • Angels We Have Heard with a traditional twist

This is Christmas by Kutless

  • What is Christmas with a great lyric
  • Breath of Heaven with a male vocal has possibilities
  • Mary Did You Know is resurrected and they way it should be
  • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear with a great acoustic feel

Songs For Christmas by Phil Wickham

  • The First Noel is a great acoustic with coral possibility.
  • Silent Night with a Groove and a Wurly! at least I think it’s a wurly
  • O Come O Come Emmanuel… um… nice
  • Christmas Time has a strong message
  • Evermore is worth the listen
  • O Come All Ye Faithful has a built in narrative that a kid could do

On a side note, Christmas seems to be the season for 6/8… just sayin

What music is on your radar as you prepare for Christmas 2011?

The new Gungor album, Ghosts Upon the Earth, is now on my Rhapsody playlist.

This band reinvents themselves with every album. I love their tenacious discipline to push against the status quo in Christian music, or music in general.

I love the creativity woven into the album’s lyric, melody, and music. The instrumentation marries the ancient and modern, using strings, a boys choir and the modern instruments of the day.

Here is the Album bio from Rhapsody:

Less of an album and more of a musical experience, Ghosts Upon the Earth draws on metaphor and allegory, pairing those literary devices with some unexpected instrumentation. A string ensemble and a boys’ choir help flesh out this sonic journey that takes listeners from creation to modern day. The album started with Michael Gungor’s weeklong meditation in Assisi, where he was inspired by the saints’ view of the world. Michael also produced and did the bulk of the writing, along with his wife Lisa. Bonus points if you connected the album title to C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce.

You can preview it at

I am not a naturally creative person. I have to work at being creative. This means:

  • Exposing myself to new ideas.
  • Surrounding myself with creative people.
  • Finding new environments
  • Writing ideas down (can’t work on an idea you’ve forgotten)
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Being willing to try new things
  • Saying yes before saying no.
  • And finishing what you start (no matter if it’s the worst you’ve done.)
Today, I watched this video and it inspired me to do a couple of new things today, like read a page of the dictionary and clean my workspace.


What will you do differently today to inspire creativity?

Tomorrow we finish our Cow Tipping series with the whole church gathered at Theater in the Park. We have enjoyed this series as we have been tipping some “sacred cows” questioning our traditions in the light of truth.

We bent our creative pieces toward the cartoon/South Park motif. Wes, our video guru found a website that will create a South Park like character for you in high resolution. We then recorded a dialogue between Troy and Dan and pitched their voices and created the following rumors for each week.

Week one: Christians in a Pickle Jar

Sacred Cow

God picks us, God saves us, and God keeps us – and that is all there is to it.


The truth of scripture: God does pick us, save us and keep us – but that is only the start! God also calls us, sends us and uses us.

Week two: Jesus and Politics

Sacred Cow

When it comes to politics, Jesus is a member of my political party.


The truth of scripture: Jesus’ purpose is higher than politics.

Week three: Grace is Cheap but it Ain’t Free

Sacred Cow

Now that I’m saved, I can live however I want.


Jesus came to give you life… not just life insurance!

Week four: Supersize Me

Sacred Cow

God doesn’t care how we treat our body, he’s only concerned for our soul.


Your body was made by God, for God, to honor God.
Video Link coming soon.

We are recording episode 42 of this weeks CLW.

It’s our podcast full of funny, technologic, informative, and theological in conversation as we gather at Taco Bell every Wednesday for Cheap Lunch Wednesday.

Check it out later today 20110721-093011.jpg