Hundreds of bottles of water.
One hundred seventy loaves of bread.
Hundreds of people served.


Because we are the church!

I love it when someone asks “What’s the catch?”

Like they are use to having a bait placed before their eyes expecting to find a hook inside.

“No catch,” we reply.

And to see their smile as they walk away is priceless.

We didn’t want them to listen to a teaching on the reasons why they are sinners.

We didn’t ask them to give a donation to a cause.

We only wanted them to know we care for them.

That’s why we left the building. That’s why we didn’t have church by having a service and why we were the Church by meeting the needs of a few people today.

A couple weeks ago we taught the big idea: We are never more like Jesus than when we serve.

Last Sunday, our big idea was: Jesus calls us to be disciples who are identified by our love.

Today, we loved on people by serving them. Why? Because Jesus served us and asked us to love one another.

I want people to see Westside Family Church and say “look at how they love!”

I want this showing of love to be the first introduction to Jesus’ love for those who don’t know about Jesus’ love and grace.

I want people to say they want to know Jesus because they have gotten to know the people of Westside Family Church.

It isn’t why we chose bread and water, but I like to think, by giving away bread, we were giving people a taste of the “bread of life.” By giving water, we were being a source of life, in the name of the Source that never runs dry. I want people to discover Jesus. Because He is the bread of Life and the water that will never run dry.

Today wasn’t a push to get people into a seat next Sunday. Today was a campaign just to let people know we love them.

I’m grateful for the people who made today a success! (Those pictured and those not pictured.)



2 thoughts on “The Church Left the Building

  1. "In the world people graduate from being a servant into being something the see as greater. In Christ servant is what you become upon graduation into His family.." ~ Wayne Cordiero.

    Kasey you all are living this in spades. I am so proud to call you all my friends.

    Love ya buddy.


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