Westside Family Church in Port Elizabeth is a church who believes church isn’t a facility or a building. While that is a church by common definition, we believe the meaning of church is more dynamic than static. We believe the church is a movement of people who follow Jesus.

Right after Jesus resurrected, He gave His disciples the mandate to go and make disciples. The disciples had no facility. No governing body. No education on how a service should be held. They did have the Holy Spirit living in them & the greatest message this world has ever known, the good news that Jesus came and lived the perfect life, died to eliminate the curse for our sins, and He rose again to prove He was God. With Holy Spirit living inside them, the Gospel message and a new command from Jesus to Love One Another, the Church began.

Westside doesn’t want to merely exist in our community, we want our community to feel our impact. The Church’s presence will be felt when we leave the four walls of what is comfortable to us and engage our community by serving them.

So, this Sunday, we are not coming to church. Rather, Westside is going to BE the Church by serving our community during the Iron Man Race. We like to call it THE CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING… (make sure you say that with your “announcer” voice and have an echo at the end of it).

We would love to have you join as we are Loving Jesus, Becoming like Jesus, and Sharing Jesus with our community.

Here are some opportunities to serve:

  • Giving away water bottles to those in attendance (NOT THE RUNNERS!)
  • Handing out bread to those who are hungry and praying for them.
  • Picking up garbage around the beachfront
  • Preparing on Thursday night

Sign-up here.


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