We have been here a full week and I think the changes and the damp cold weather has taken its toll on Judah.

He came down with runny nose 2 days ago then it quickly went into his chest last night. He woke up a couple times wheezing trying to catch his breath.

We took him to a clinic today where they gave us a cough cough syrup.

We haven’t stayed in the same room more than 2 nights in a row yet and we think the constant change is attributing to his condition.

How You Can Pray

  • For God to heal Judah and give him strength to get over this.
  • To find an affordable place to rent (“let” in South Africa) in the Summerstrand, Humewood, or South End areas – that is available by Nov 1.
  • To sell our home in Shawnee, KS… Which we have another showing Wednesday.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in South Africa by joining us in prayer!


5 thoughts on “Sick Little Man

  1. Kasey, went by the house tonight, Tuesday evening, circulated the air. cleaned out frig and freezer, went over floors and dusted, no bugs, dead or alive. Ha. Ready for Wednesday showing.

  2. I can't stand to see my little man of God sick like that, so Jesus heal him right now in your precious name. Love you guys and pray for you daily.

    PS. Is the steering wheel on the white car on the right or left side of the car! 🙂 Just curious!

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