This past weekend I had the privilege to speak at Westside. We are in the 3rd week of our Life Apps Series and the passage I was given to talk on was James 2:1-13. It talks about showing favoritism and discriminating against people.

The big idea for the teaching was: To show favoritism is to sin. To show mercy is our response to Jesus’ love for us.

We all respond to people based on their appearance. We will create pre-judgements of a person from what they wear, the group they associate with, or even their accent. James teaches us that when we act on our pre-judgements of someone based on their appearance, we discriminate against them.

In verses 1-7, James has two threads going:

1) Favoritism is discrimination and it happens when we act on our pre-judgements.

2) Discrimination reveals our motives.

James then gives us a triple-threat approach to conquering favoritism in verses 8-13.

1) We must adopt the mind of Christ. (v8)
2) Call favoritism what it is… sin. (v9)
3) Show mercy to everyone. (v13)

You can watch the message in its entirety here.

Give the video time to load to watch on this page.

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