Every Wednesday several of us will meet up for Cheap Lunch Wednesday, CLW, for short. We convene at Taco Bell around a $2 value meal and just talk.

I know it’s probably narcissistic, but we have such good conversation, that we actually record it. We’ll cover current events, the latest in technology news, theological issues and the latest music.

Well, today, not only was it recorded, but it was documented. Thanks to Mike Smith, who joins us regularly in a Big Box Value meal, he brought his really, really, really nice camera (he’s a photographer) and documented this epic event.

As you’ll be able to see, we love our conversation mainly because we enjoy hanging with each other.

Listen to an episode… you know you want to. The title is an insight to the centerpiece of our conversation. It’s like a treasure hunt for our 1’s of listeners.


Also, if you like these pics, Mike and his wife, Julie, are great photographers. Check out their work.

Tyson H. Photography

Tyson also is a great sport and wildlife photographer. Check out his  gallery.

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