Weekend Reflect: 9.26.10

Yesterday, we finished our Fall Kickoff series called, Live Like You’re Dying. We tackled the big topic on “Give Like You’re Dying.”

I know, you hear that title and think fall… new people… big crowds… and giving? Yeah. Giving. We broke some of the rules that you abide by during a high traffic season.

  • Don’t talk about Giving.
  • Don’t give the offering at the end of service.

I must admit, I misjudged this day and how Pastor Dan was going to deliver this message. He was on vacation the last week, so we didn’t have him in the office to hear how he was going to take it.

We didn’t know if he was going to go straight into his topic and talk heavy about tithing or giving, or if he was going to hit it in a broad sense that we need to give our lives away. I had a feeling because of the high traffic season, he would take the broader approach.

Well, he hit both. He hit tithing hard with a solid Biblical backing and he addressed Four Heresies about giving:

  • You can pick and choose the sayings of Jesus you want to follow.
  • We don’t have to tithe. It’s an Old Testament Standard
  • If you give, God will make you wealthy and healthy.
  • You can give to any cause you want and call it your tithe.

Dan ended the message with a 90 Day Challenge. Tithe for the next 90 Days and if you don’t feel God has showed up and blessed you Westside will give it all back. We’ve heard of other churches doing this and how their people have taken the challenge and it was time for us to make the same challenge.

You can catch the full message here.

We had a good day overall, well other than the light board freezing up right when Pastor Dan was supposed talk at the beginning of the 8:30a service.  He recovered well and didn’t skip a beat.

We also sang a song that I wrote the chorus for. If I can get my hands on a recording of it, I’ll post it here.

And we had 97 people attending our online campus!