What is the main reason no one is coming to your church?

People who have a life-changing experience with God will want others to find God in a life-changing way. When I eat at a great restaurant, you don’t have to beg me to talk about it, I share it with everyone.

The same effect happens when people begin to have Life Changing experiences at church. When people seeking life change begin to experience it you will guarantee they will share their experience with others.

So why aren’t people sharing with their family and friends about what God can do in their life? Because they have yet to experience it themselves or because they don’t trust the church to deliver on their expectation.

Bottom line is people aren’t ashamed of Christ, they are ashamed of church and therefore, reluctant to invite someone.

This will be the first of a series of posts on “Developing a Culture of Life Change” and I want to point out two elephants in the room:

If you are not praying for Life Change, it is not going to happen. K? You can have a polished approach with glitz and glamour but without prayer and the Holy Spirit’s leading, you will not develop a culture Life Change.

I am not an expert on this. I’m on this safari myself and haven’t arrived nor am I close. This is where we are directing our efforts as a campus to develop, with God’s help, a campus where people are experiencing Life Change and want to bring their friends/family to so they can experience it too.

Reputations on the line.

Every time we invite someone to church, we put our reputations on the line. We can rest assured that our people will not invite someone if they do not expect a positive outcome.

Our desire each week, to create an environment where our people can experience life change then confidently and passionately invite others to.

To do this we must first:


We need to rebuild the trust of our people so they know they can invite their friends to our churches and not worry about placing their reputation on the line or be embarrassed.

We will build this trust by: creating a culture of excellence.
It’s not about getting by. It’s about getting better.
We’ll get better by:

  • Give the extra 10%. What small things can we do that doesn’t take that much extra effort but produces a better outcome?
  • Make small improvements each week. We have to grow into this. What small adjustments can we make this weekend to get better? Ask “If I were going to invite my boss/best friend/colleague/neighbor/family member, what would I do different?”
  • Do your best and pray for God to do the rest. Do the best with what you have then pray that God works ¬†from where your work stops.

How can you build the trust of your people so they are passionate about sharing Jesus and inviting people to your church?

One thought on “3 Ways to Develop a Culture of Life Change (pt 1)

  1. You forget. Life Change is not always attractive. It is never promised to be. So telling others about your Life Change will not necc result in church growth.

    So therefore, I tend to disagree with your entire starting premise. Now, I may indeed want to tell people and your reasons why or why not apply. But be careful in thinking it will equal the result you desire…

    To me there is a huge modern flaw that claims Life Change equals a life that everyone wants…

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