I shared these New Years Resolutions today with our Olathe Campus Volunteers at our Volunteer Service.

Number 5: Act like you are really excited to see people even though they were able to sleep in and you didn’t.

Number 4: Drink my coffee before coming into the worship center – so you are awake enough to act like you’re really excited to see people.

Number 3: after the second service, I will not tear down immediately… Because we do not have an 11 o’clock movie. (you have to be from the Westside Overland Park Campus to get this)

Number 2: Show up on time. To set up. Then get my coffee. So I can be awake to act like I’m really excited to see people.

Number 1: Beat out Paul Chang to wear the Turkey Costume for this year’s Trading Turkeys. (another WFC OP inside joke. Sorry to keep you on the outside with this.

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