I’m finding more and more that there are tensions that accompany ministry. There is a tension between vision and reality. A tension between grace and works. And many other tensions.

One of the tensions I’ve been dealing with is the tension between “being thankful” and “being dissatisfied.” I am thankful for the opportunities that I have to minister. The position I have. The people I work with. The call that I’m able to fulfill.

But I see what the church could be as well. And that gap between what I see could be and where we are now causes dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction because it’s not happening now. Dissatisfaction because we aren’t there yet. Not ungrateful. Not satisfied.

I just read this before opened another browser to type about this and saw what Mark Batterson just posted on his blog:

“Healthy leaders have the right mixture of gratitude and dissatisfaction.”

Would it be right to say that being grateful puts you in the right position to be dissatisfied?

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