My buddy, Craig, has this brilliant idea to cover Hillsong tunes on the drums so drummers who play their music can see the complicated rhythms as well as hear them.

Great idea and well done Craig!

3 thoughts on “Your Name High (Hillsong) Drum Cover

  1. hey this is fully sick man!!!!

    can you do this for all new hillsong and the old goldies look 2 u and such legend=)

  2. Nice… Im sure that word will get around(by me=).. There is a real shortage of correct worship covers…
    True blessing for churches around the world.

    Thanks craig Keep up the Great work mate
    ohh You should post on youtube too.
    Much easier to find,(just a thought)=)
    God Bless And thanks again >>Much<< needed by all up and comming drummers.

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