Treasure Hunt wk 3: Trouble on the High Seas (Worry)

It’s Thursday, and last Sunday is becoming a blur. I wish I would have written this review on Monday when it was more fresh on my mind.

The reason I write these reviews are because I believe that evaluation improves our execution. I like that. Evaluation improves Execution. I might need to tweet that.

This weekend we had Randy Coleman in town from OKCity and he did an amazing job teaching Westside on how to Biblically handle worry.

I had the privilege of leading worship at our Overland Park Campus last weekend. The band at OP did a great job in keeping the groove’s simple and giving the music the dynamics it needed to create a worship experience.

OP set list:

Beautiful One (Tim Hughes: When Silence Falls)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
Indescribable (Tomlin: Live From Austin Music Hall)
You Are My Strength (Hillsong: My Savior Lives)

The Lenexa Campus

It was a strong weekend here at Lenexa. Its great to see musicians growing in their talent and learning to lead people while playing. Each week, someone surprises me by stepping up their leadership. Whether it be not playing with a music stand or something as simple as smiling, our team is raising their bar.

Lenexa Set List

We Shine (Passion: God of This City)
Desert Song (Hillsong United: Across the Earth)
Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus (Public Domain)
Everlasting God (Tomlin: See the Morning)

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