I’ve wondered what our back-up plan would be when Pastor Dan, our lead teaching Pastor, would get sick before a weekend.

This weekend, we found out what would happen and we were blessed that the two pastors that Dan called upon to carry the services already had a buy-in into the message since Jason, our Overland Park Campus pastor was going to preach the same message at his campus and Schaun Colin, our Mission’s Pastor, was one of the brainchild’s of the series we are in (What if the Church).

Good news is that Pastor Dan was able to get some pain meds to get him through the 3-day conference he has until tomorrow. We’re praying that he gets better!

Saturday and Sunday were strong. Our entire Vocal Team showed up for all 6 services and led people in worship and provided a great synergistic energy to the stage. Both Sat and Sun bands were solid.

Steve Palmer and Doug Oswald did great on Sat providing a good foundation on the drums and bass. Al-“licks” Gingles and Jordan Duckworth were rockin the electrics and I was playing the keys and leading.

Troy led on Sunday and he had Steve Dado on drums, Tom-Cat-Casey on bass, Jason (our Music Director) and Troy on electric, and Darren Roberts on keys.

Watching the videos of the weekend proved that both teams accomplished the goal of creating a worship experience where people can connect with God.

Here was our set for the weekend:

One Life (Troy Kennedy: Not Recorded Yet)
Right Now (Troy Kennedy: Not Recorded Yet)
Sing To The Lord (Album Version)
All Because Of Jesus

Photos from Saturday

Thanks to Gwen Kennedy for snapping some shots!

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