I am feeling it today. It’s PSS. Post Sunday Syndrome. I have the classical symptoms: lack of focus, fatigue, wishing I had another day to sleep in.

But it is a small price to pay for a great weekend. We are now on the downhill sprint of our Series “Blessed?” Pastor Dan spoke on Mercy and how we need to choose Mercy over what people deserve.

It was also our second week of having Saturday Night services. Our first week we had around 900 people show up. It was helpful to have the Super Bowl on Sunday Night.  This week gave us more of a realistic perspective on what our crowds will be, but it will take a month or two for us to get a realistic perspective as people find what service works best.

I did something new this weekend. I played keys through Reason. It was a good stretch for me and I’m trying to figure out a way to buy a controller and Reason for myself. I had fun working the loops and bringing some ambient sounds to the music.

Our weekend set:
Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
God of Mercy (Debbie McNeil)
In All the Universe
How Wonderful
 Grace Like Rain –  by Todd Agnew

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