Opportunity to Grow. The addition of Saturday nights has brought some growing pains. Two new services and a whole new night equals more opportunities for new volunteers. This means training them and developing them. As you know when you develop people you have to make room for errors, but that’s the beauty of growing pains. Mistakes are opportunities to grow.

Jared, our Tech Director and Jason, our Music director have done an excellent job of integrating and equipping new volunteers quickly and effectively without compromising the quality of the weekend. 

Equipping and Releasing. There is a rule that specifies if someone can do the job 80% as good as you then release them to do it. That’s where we are at. The growing pains are felt because we are taking people who can do the 80% and allowing them to grow to the 100%.  That might mean we have a musician miss a note or a camera operator not get the right shot, but the main goal is to release people to minister and that’s what we are doing. 

Our goal is that Saturdays will be the same experience as Sunday. Even though we will have different teams as well as different leaders between these two days we will keep the same set for the entire weekend. This means that we will need to plan ahead and be flexible at the same time.

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