The many great leaders, good and bad, all have passion.

Today in our worship arts staff meeting we sat down to listen to Benjamin Zander talk to a group of people about Classical music.

He passionately communicated his love for classical music and did so in a way that made those who did not listen to classical music much, sit back and enjoy it.

It was his desire that everyone see the benefit of classical music. He was passionate about it. He lead the people because he never doubted the capacity of the people there to catch his dream.

After we sat and listened to this segment with Maestro Zander, we began discussing the power of passion and came up with some great thoughts:

1) Authenticity…which is derived from:
– Trustworthiness that is based on character.
– Expertness… which is developed through experiences and desire for excellence
– Dynanism (charisma)
2) Inspiration
– Inspiration isn’t about giving people the way to do things.
– Inspiration is equipping people with the tools to discover the gifts, talents and truths.

1) Doubt
2) Failure
3) Fatigue

To fight doubt, we must continue in obedience.
To overcome failure, we must change our paradigm on the way we define failure.
To beat fatigue, we must do less for more.

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