Well yesterday I was privileged to be able to play on the Westside band in the morning services. The morning went great. The only bad thing was that I had to be there at 6.3a. and it takes 35 min to get there. So you can do the math to see when I had to leave, and wake up.

So today, I woke up a little groggy, but after skipping the gym…again, I feel a lot better.

The message yesterday was about cookies. Yes we all have cookies, some have more and some have less. Some don’t have any cookies at all. We also, learned how all the cookies are God’s and that just as our parents taught us a valuable lesson when we were young with cookies, God still expects us to continue that act.

We are to Share our Cookies. It was a simple, but powerful message. You can check it out at this link in a couple of days.

I made it sound simple, because it is simple, but it was delivered in a cutting, make you feel like you’ve been sliced and diced, way.

It was pointed out that if every Christian tithed, there would be enough money to feed, clothe, and medicate every impoverished person and still have over $70 BILLION to carry on the work of the local church.

I think it is time we share.

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