I was able to pull my drumsticks off the shelf and dust them off this morning and play with the Englewood Praise team who obviously was in desperate need of a drummer, since they were scrounging around looking for me.

I haven’t played in about 6 months, and the song selection… shall we say.. was on speed. We started off with “I Believe” by Hillsong, and for a drummer who hasn’t played in a while, my wrists were killing me after service, so much that I actually had to take Ibuprofen, which for those who know me, I don’t do medicine well (it knocks me a little loopy).

So thanks Ryan for letting me play, I hope it wasn’t too bad.

We also were able to talk with Pastor Brian’s wife, Jennifer, and she made mention of a new church that will be launching in the KC area in March of ’08. You can see more info on it at reachoutkc.org. The church sounds interesting and I applaud them for taking the time to establish the foundation for their launch. Keep it up Troy.

Englewood has a great thing going for them. Here are a couple great things I noticed:

  • Passion about the Great Commission (at least 8 people were saved this morning, how awesome is that!)
  • Have a great staff, lead by Pastor Brian. (btw – my cousin is their youth pastor… tear it up tonight Brad)
  • Good musicians spanning 2 generations, who do a good job of leading worship.

Kudos to Pastor Brian who is taking the lead in morphing this former traditional denominational church into a malleable congregation who can adapt to the times to reach people for Christ using innovative ideas with modern technology.

This past week he mentioned that Mark Batterson (I was at the service) and that they had David Hanley, creative arts pastor for the Dream Center in L.A. He came in on Friday night and Saturday morning to talk to the KC Dreamcenter team.

Pastor Brian is doing a great job of exposing Englewood to cutting edge innovators who are leading the global Church into a new era of ministry.

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